iconic image that impacts on Persepolis

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Find an iconic image that illustrates how this decade impacts on the research about graphic novel Persepolis.

Link to the novel: https://rhinehartadvancedenglish.weebly.com/upload…

Below are a some key events and places that you can get inspired – you are not bound by these! If your research has already yielded images from the 1960’s that respond to this prompt, use them. If not, find some. Go to the library and ask for some help finding images on our topic, or consider if your topic has anything to do with the events listed below and search that way

  • 1968 Olympics in Mexico City
  • African decolonization
  • Cold War: Vietnam, Cuba, Angola etc
  • Migration: India to UK, Latin American migrations
  • Flower power
  • The Beatles
  • Twiggy
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • China: Mao’s Cultural Revolution
  • The Six Day War (1967)
  • Indo-Pakistani war (1965)
  • Chicano movement in the US
  • Birth Control
  • Space Race to the moon
  • invention of the 8-track tape

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