Write a reflection essay 1.5 to 2 pages (double space)

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This class is Culture and society in international perspective.

I have attached the readings below, pls read through and check. Also, the reflection essay does not mean to summarize main point or argument of the reading. Although doing this is also very important. I expect the writer to have thought critically and reflected on the readings. There is guide tips to help you understand what my professor’s expectation which is also attached below. Please read carefully!

Please write full 1.5 to 2 pages (double space) !!! I prefer to receive the work early so I can edit before turn it in and to avoid technical issue. Please have work cited or sources if you borrow ideas, even if paraphrase. My Prof can check plagiarism so be careful.

The Prompt essay questions are based on these questions:

These questions will help guide your reading of Malm and Santiago. Answer them for your reading reflection paper for Thursday. (For the Malm reading, please read to page 46).

1. Why does a class analysis (that is, an analysis of the relationships between those who own production and make investments in the industrial economy and those who work for a wage to produce commodities) matter in understanding the development of fossil fuel capitalism?

2. For Malm, how and why did fossil capitalism come about?

3. What, according to the readings, have been some of the consequences of fossil fuel capitalism?

Use examples from the readings to substantiate your answers. Practice paraphrasing (see syllabus under Academic Integrity) rather than using long quotes.

I have also uploaded critical reading tips to our week 2 module. These are general tips on how to critically analyze and evaluate any reading you come across. The reflection must be between 1.5 and 2 pages long double spaced, 12 point.

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