The discussion for this week will focus on the discrepancy of wealth and poverty in the United States. HN200

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Please respond to the following:

What impact does the discrepancy between wealth and poverty in the United States have on society?

What are some of the emotional and physical consequences of poverty for individuals?


Henslin, J. M. (2018). Social Problems: A Down to Earth Approach. (13th Edition). Hoboken, NJ: Pearson Education.

Chapter 7: “Economic Problems: Poverty and Wealth”

Please review the following resources to support your learning related to poverty, social class, failing schools, and the wealth imbalance in the United States:

National Public Radio. (2004). Haiti’s dark secret: The restavecs – Servitude crosses the line between chores and child slavery. Retrieved from…

Selyukh, A. (2019). $15 minimum wage would boost 17 million workers, cut 1.3 million jobs, CBO says. Retrieved from…

Silver, M., & Whitehead, N. (2017). The U.N. looks at extreme poverty in the U.S., from Alabama to California. Retrieved from…

Ydstie, J. (2007). Does wealth imbalance threaten society’s fabric? Retrieved from…


ABC News. (2017, January 17). Americans struggling to make ends meet | A hidden America with Diane Sawyer (Nightline) [Video File]. Retrieved from

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