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I really think that it depends on the consumers mindset with products and pricing. I am a very money concious person and my husband is not. I can easily realize that some products are just more expensive because of the brand. My husband on the other hand thinks that money means greater value. That may be correct in some cases, but not in all cases. I believe that it really depends on what you feel. I would buy the Ford Taurus because i believe that most of the price increase is cause by the name “BMW” but I know many people would buy the BMW because they associate price with value.

I don’t nessiciarly think that price equals quality. I have had great luck with lower priced products compared to expensive products. I think that when running a business you need to try to bring price lower but still have great quality if you really want to target most Americans. Most people do not have the expenses handy to buy a $50,000 car even if they desire to have one. BMW may have more fancy features but the Ford Taurus is in an affordable price range and still provides great quality.

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