Chapter 12

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Read the chapter, watch the videos and then develop a
list of recommendations (supported by the research) for the television
industry to consider. Some that have been suggested include:

• Reduce the number of violent portrayals in childrens cartoons.

• Show the short-term and long-term negative consequences of violence.

• Show more alternatives to the use of violence to solve problems.

• Entertainment programs with substantial violent content should be scheduled later in the evening.

Find the articles below and one current study, state your recommendations and discuss with your course mates.

Donnerstein E., Slaby R., and Eron L. (1995). The mass media and youth aggression. In Eron

L, Gentry J, Schlegel P. (Eds.). Reason to hope: A psychological perspective on violence and youth. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association

Federman J. (1998). National television

violence study III. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Discuss and remember to cite your sources.

I have attached this chapters powerpoint as well as the two articles listed above. She requires 1 additional source as well.

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