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Violence on Children’s TV

The National Television Violence Study found that in 1996-1997, 61% of
television programs contained violence, and, of those selected, 75% showed no
remorse, criticism of, or penalty for the violence. Forty percent of violent
acts were committed by attractive characters.

For this assignment, you need to watch an hour of children’s television,
preferably cartoons, and analyze the level of violence in the chosen children’s

  • Rate the aggressive acts using the following scale:

    • Mild: Verbal aggression with no physical contact
    • Medium: Physical contact with no blood, such as pushing,
      shoving, and hitting
    • Extreme: Use of force to cause bodily injury, such as guns,
      knives, and other weapons, where blood is produced

  • Determine if any of the following occurs after the violent acts:

    • remorse for the violence
    • criticism of the violence
    • any consequences of the violence

  • Analyze how the chosen show might influence the growing child, based on your
    readings. What messages is this show giving to the child?

Council on Communications and Media. (2009). Media
Pediatrics, 124(5), 1495-1503. Retrieved from

write your initial response to each part in 3–4 paragraphs. Apply APA standards
to citation of sources.

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