Business Essentials – Human Resources

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In a newspaper, magazine, or online, find three comparable job descriptions.

  • What job did you choose?
  • What are the qualifications for each job?
  • What type of compensation does the ad reflect?
  • Is this a job you would take based on the advertisement? Explain.
  • What other information do you need concerning the job before you would apply?
  • Find the current wage is for the type of job you have chosen.

Using one of the six functions of human resource management, determine why this function is important to an organization. What might a small business owner do to make sure that the HR function was performed?

Assignment Guidelines:

Responses to each of the seven prompts for each of the three different jobs.

Explain the function of human resource management in three complete paragraphs.

Submission Requirements:

three job comparisons

three paragraph response

  • Submit the assignment question(s) and your responses.
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Remember complete sentence structure.
  • Paragraphs need to have minimum of six sentences.

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