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You will be given a definition of religion not found on the hand-out of definitions we used earlier this semester.Write a thoughtful essay (open book, open note, but no collaboration with one another during the exam) incorporating the following three dimensions:

  1. Use the Ring material we have read this semester to flesh out what you see as key components or implications of the definition provided. What dimensions of religion (examined in Ring) can you unpack from this definition?Include as many quotes from Ring as you need to ground your explication of the new definition.
  1. Place the new definition of religion into conversation with the other texts besides Ring that we have read or engaged this semester (not the Bible, but Eboo Patel, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., John Dear, Thomas Berry, Barbara Kingsolver, or the “City of Angels” film – I will narrow down this list at the exam for you to choose among).How specifically does that text or film exemplify this new definition of religion for you – or stretch it?Give specific quotes (from texts) or examples (from films).
  1. Include an example from your own life that illuminates this definition of religion in your experience (whether or not you are part of an organized religious tradition and/or consider yourself “religious”).

  1. Important: This section of the essay will be graded not on the content of your story but on the quality of your insights in placing your experience alongside the definition of religion.As with #2 above, how does your experience exemplify this definition of religion and/or stretch it?
  1. Extra Credit (up to 10 points):There will be extra credit options (objective test) from the Bonhoeffer film viewed in class this semester.

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