PM598 Discussion Response

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The functional organization has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are there are no change to the project design or operations when compared to parent organization. The staff are flexible and can work on any project, the while the in-depth expertise that is needed for the functional unit to complete the job and so is given the primary responsibility. The disadvantages would be lack of focus, poor integration, being slow, that is, the project takes a longer time and lack of ownership of the project.

The dedicated team approach has weaknesses and strength with the strength being simple, fast, cohesive and cross-functional integration. The weaknesses are, it is expensive, there are internal strife, limited technological expertise and difficult post-projection transition

The matrix team on the other hand has advantages such as being efficient, strong project focus, easier post-project transition and being flexible. The disadvantages for this functional unit are dysfunctional conflict, infighting, quite stressful and again another slow process.

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