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ANCH 307 (Online) Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries in Archaeology

Instructors Final Essay Guidelines FORMAT: Typed, 1” margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced. Remove the extra spacing between paragraphs that MS Word automatically includes. Indent paragraphs 5 spaces using the tab feature. Submit ONLY in either MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) format. You MUST follow this format to get full credit for the essay.

. LENGTH: At least 1 ½ pages, but no more than 2 pages is necessary. (Hint: If your name and the essay title take up ½ of the page, that does NOT count toward the total length of your essay). At least 1 ½ pages is required.


1) Please describe how you plan to take what you have learned in this course and put it to use within your own community.

2) Make sure that you discuss in detail at least one specific topic in the course that has had a particular impact on you.

3) In addition, discuss in detail the one thing in the course that you found the most surprising.


-Your essay will be worth a total of 100 points, broken down in these categories:

-Discussion of course content and community: 40 points

-Discussion of specific topic that had an impact: 25 points

-Discussion of most surprising aspect: 25 points

-Length: 4 points Proper format: 2 points

-Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation: 4 points

Total: 100points

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