Culture (Write 500–800 words in response to the questions below​)

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1A) In the first paragraph, list what you think are the most influential aspects about you that shape your place in U.S. society and how you relate to other people in the United States. This could include such things as: ethnic identity, gender, sexuality, class, national origin, occupation, hobbies, physical traits, personality, and so on. You do not have to list every single variable about your, just the ones you feel are most influential at this point in your life.

1B) Describe in a few sentences one specific thing or symbol that relates to one of the aspects about your identity discussed above. This could be a special object, food, piece of clothing, other fashion detail, place, song, a store, etc.

2) In the rest of the essay, reflect on the nature and extent of your experiences and relationships with people who you identify as socially and/or culturally different from you in the United States, and relate that to those aspects about you which you mentioned in the first paragraph. Provide at least two specific examples to illustrate these reflections. Are there any encounters that made you uncomfortable and why (or why not)?

3) Conclude with a paragraph reflecting on how you think this course could help you gain more insights into these various aspects of your identity and social status in the United States, and your relationships with people you identify as socially and/or culturally different.

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