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Our company is Badge Corp. It is a supply industry offering products for hospitality industry companies. The company focuses on the needs of its customers by ensuring the provision of quality goods and ensuring convenience. The company was created after an analysis of how companies in the hospitality industry behave and all their needs. Therefore it offers all the products used in the hospitality industry since customers are more interested in companies that offer everything all in the same place. This saves time, enables the supply of fresh goods, and above all saves on money since the customers do not have to move from one place to the next to buy goods separately.

The company has several sectors within the same facility and the different sectors offer different products. The company operates as an online sales website but the difference is that it is physically present. These sectors are dependent and are connected such that an order has to pass through every sector for packing of an order and for confirmation before the order is dispatched. The sectors also have head leaders who ensure proper operations and confirm orders by signing the order.

The main customers of the organization are hospitality companies. The companies make orders of all the goods they need either online or by sending massagers. These goods can either be delivered by the company delivery vans of the clients who may pick their own goods. Providing all the products required by the customers is a marketing strategy used to attract more customers. Hotels make many orders on a daily basis and having them come from different suppliers can be a waste of time or cost. Therefore, this company provides the hotels with a way to make one order containing all the products needed for a day’s operations.

Most of the customers are first-class hotels with so many demands and they require a lot of raw materials in a day. These customers look for convenience above all because their business depends on the punctuality of the supplies and customer-supplier trust.

The organization has several suppliers but most of the products are gotten within the facility. For instance, to meet the needs of all the customers, the organization has to have all the goods at hand before an order is made. The suppliers include manufacturing companies providing electronics and other sophisticated machines used in hospitality industries.

(example1: Technology mirrors/bluetooth mirrors )

(example2: coffee & tea company)

1- Find a company who sells bluetooth mirrors and discuss how their company can supply our company

2-Find a company that sells coffee and tea and explain how they can supply our company

Please provide the references in MLA format

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