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I need my paper edited. I have attached an annotated and original version. Below are additional comments.

Correctness: There are a few run on sentences, and some I cannot understand. Some of the sentences should be shortened and less jumbled with too much info. Conciseness: I would shorten the sentences and maybe divide some of them in two. Clarity: I think you should separate some of the info into different headings. This would make it easier for the reader to read and point out what you are trying to make them understand. Accessibility: I would add what page each header is discussed on the table of contents. I think it is a little difficult to access some of your topics you have labeled in the table of contents, because they are not labeled in the actual guide – you just mention them throughout. Comprehensiveness: I think you have an abundant amount of accurate information. Well done. I would just add more headings and maybe bullet points for some sections. Professional appearance: I would add some pictures or charts. It is in a way professional, but could be viewed a little more professional. Usability: I think this documents information is great!! I would just change the style up a bit to make it easier to understand and access certain changes. Accuracy: I think the information is explained very well. I love how much work you put into your project! I think you did an overall great job!

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