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please respond to brittany with 200 words :

During my toddler and early preschool years, the way that my parents disciplined me for being bad was either putting me to sit in a corner or sending me to my room. If I refused to eat vegetables for dinner they would either send me to my room or withhold dessert from us. Overall they did not need to discipline me much and it was mostly if I did not eat something off of my plate for dinner or when I would not listen to them. I reacted pretty poorly to being sent to my room and would cry a lot if that happened but getting sent to the corner didn’t really affect me all too much.

To be honest, though most of the time when I did not listen to them it was not my fault because I used to have petite mal seizures and what happens when you have one is you “zone out” or “stare” into space and during these times do not hear anything around you. Before my mom knew I had these whenever I did not listen to her I would get one of my toys taken away, at the time it was my little pony’s but once she figured out what was going on with me she gave them all back and bought me more to make up for it. I do remember getting sent to my room a lot and annoying my sister by always crying apparently but I think that was for little things like refusing to clean up or throwing a fit. There was not much need for discipline because I and my sister were fairly well-behaved children at this point in time but when we did it felt like the end of the world.

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