Loyalty Power Point (Marketing)

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Loyalty Programs

The purpose of this assignment is for you to evaluate frequency/loyalty programs as a viable promotional tool within an advertising program. Since almost all hotels use loyalty programs (frequency programs) as a form of alternative marketing, this assignment focuses on the hotel industry. From the list below, choose at least five hotels to evaluate; assess the hotels’ loyalty programs based upon the overall value to the customer:

  • Best Western,
  • Days Inn,
  • Hampton Inn,
  • Marriott,
  • Radisson,
  • Ritz Carlton, or
  • Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

Use the following criteria to comparatively evaluate each loyalty program:

  • Explain the investment that is necessary to earn rewards. For instance, consumers may need to invest money, time, or other resources.
  • Describe the system of rewarding points or awards.
  • Explain the redemption policies.
  • Describe any additional requirements with respect to the redemption of awards.

Present your evaluation of the loyalty programs by creating a PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides (not including the title and references slides). Critique each loyalty program, and decide which ones are the best. Then, explain why they are the best. Make sure to cite the websites you analyzed, your textbook, and at least one additional source by using correct APA format. Use the “Notes” feature to elaborate on the contents of each slide.

I need 12 total Slides, 2 are just TITLE and REFERENCE PAGE

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