7-1 Discussion: Debate—Does This Water Taste Funny to You?

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Increasing access to clean water seems like a no-brainer on the surface. Installing local wells brings clean water to remote villages, thereby eliminating exhaustive trips carrying dirty water from contaminated sources. How could installing wells be anything but good and ethical?

This debate gives you the opportunity to consider this question. In this discussion, you will explore how the forces of globalization, modernization, and colonialism influenced the installation of clean water wells in less developed places like Africa. Based on the table below, you will be assigned one of the three concepts to explore within your initial post, and you will address the other two concepts in your peer respone

Assigned Concept for Initial Post is Modernization

In your initial post, be sure to do the following:

  • Define your assigned concept and include an appropriately formatted citation.
  • Explain how installing water wells in remote villages represents an expression of your assigned concept.
  • Discuss whether installing water wells as a result of your assigned concept is ethical. (For example, is installing a well as the result of globalization ethical? What if installing the well is a result of modernization or colonialism?)

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