summary of the employee supervision issues and policies, management assignment help

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Pick out a company or organization. It may one that is in the news (Amazon. Google, Apple, etc.) or one that you have an experience.

Give me a 4 page (or more) summary of the employee supervision issues and policies at the organization. Items that you might want to cover include:

* Diversity of Workforce

* Decision and Problem Solving

* Goal Setting

* Work Processes

* Organizing Jobs and Work

* Equal Employment

* Employee Selection and Interviewing

* Training and Developing

* Motivation and Incentives

* Leading

* Coaching and Communications

* Appraising Performance

* Ethics and Fair Treatment

* Grievances and Labor Relations

* Safety and Health

Paper should be professional. This is not an academic research paper but a professional document. The paper should be emailed to me in a PDF file format by Thursday, NOV 17 at 5pm CST.

Each 24 hour period you are late will decrease your grade by 10 points. If paper is not in PDF format, 10 points will be removed from score.

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