Representations of Leadership, management homework help

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of Leadership

and post one video, article, quote, poem, artwork, personal story, etc. that
exemplifies leadership. Be creative and think outside the box!

a paragraph, describe what is represented in your posting.

a paragraph, describe how it exemplifies leadership by connecting it to at
least one of the concepts presented in the required videos or readings.

Your Tribes (50% of total assignment): Watch David
Logan: On Tribal Leadership
 and complete the following:

>>>I participate in (Early childhood scholastic
reading club)

1 paragraphs, identify and thoroughly describe a tribe of which you are a
member. The description of your tribe must include (1) the name of
your tribe, (2) the purpose or function of your tribe, (3) your role in the
tribe and whether this is a leader or follower role (remember, both are
essential and good), (4) the “stage” your tribe is in, (5) why you believe your
tribe to be in that stage, (6) the role of the leader and followers in the
tribe. Draw on the required videos and readings to support your statements.

1 paragraphs, answer the questions posed by David Logan at the end of the
video: “What kind of an impact are the tribes that you’re in making?” and “Will
your tribes change the world?”

Do not merely provide a yes or no answer. Your
response should explain why and how, as well as the role of leaders and
followers. Draw from the required videos and readings to support your
statements. (25%)

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