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Reading” Assignment 3 D
Watch the video “Flatland,” which is available online at 

After watching the movie, please write a brief summary of it, being certain to mention the mathematics and geometry presented.
In addition to the summary, describe and give a reaction to the social issues (gender, caste systems, trying to advance, etc.) that are referenced throughout the story.
What idea from geometry is the movie trying to explain to you?
How does the main character’s concern with visualizing three-dimensions relate to how people would have difficulty visualizing fourth-dimensional space?
Your paper should be written in paragraph form and be 1 – 2 pages in length (standard font size and margins, etc.) This can be handed in either in hard-copy format or in a google-doc or email (however you want).
This will be graded out of 30 points.
Summary [5 points]
Social Issues [5 points]
Ideas from geometry [10 points]
4-D explanation [10 points]

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