To interact with someone in an organization who is involved in strategic planning, Strategy Management

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Strategic Planning Interviews


  • · To interact with someone in an organization who is involved in strategic planning.
  • · To gain an understanding and appreciation of how strategic planning is actually done.
  • · To critique how an organization actually does strategic planning


Select an organization (you can use your own) conduct an interview on strategic planning.  The interview can be conducted in person or over the telephone.

Sample Interview questions (You can add your own as well):

1. How does your firm actually conduct strategic planning?

2. Who is involved in the process?

3. How are customers involved in the process?

4. Does your firm have a formal mission statement or vision statement?

5. How was the statement developed?

6. Does the organization use/conduct scenario planning? If yes, how?

7. What are the benefits of engaging in strategic planning?

8. What are the major costs or problems in doing strategic planning in your organization?

9. Is data collected? If so, how?

10. Is a competitive analysis conducted? How?

12. Is a SWOT analysis conducted? How?

13. Do you anticipate making any changes in the strategic planning process? (if yes please explain) 

Critique Guidelines Include strengths of their planning process and suggested improvements to their planning process. For example, does the organization have the right people involved? Why/Why not?

*The overall focus of the interview is to be on the process used not the actual results of the plan.

(Final paper will be 4-6 pages excluding cover, no abstract, and references). 

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