What were the key allegations in the case? Explain, Discussion Board 4

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The art of negotiation is at the foundation of most decision making. To make a decision suggests that there are options to decide between or among to arrive at a preferred solution. Negotiated decisions occur regularly in the executive, legislative and judicial branches at all levels of government. In this Discussion Board assignment, you will consider the case of a negotiated settlement agreement entered into by the Police Department of the City of Oakland, California, regarding what is known as the “Rider” case.

Negotiated Settlement Agreement (The Agreement)

The above link is for the official Web site of the Oakland, California Police Department. There is a link to a document titled Negotiated Settlement Agreement (The Agreement) that bears a December 2008 revised date and reflects changes resulting from the independent monitoring of the reforms being made under the terms of the Agreement. The section of the Web site on background has a link to the original 2004 version of the Agreement. You will need to review at least one of these to complete this Discussion Board assignment.

The above Web site also contains links to electronic versions of all of the monitoring reports of the Negotiated Settlement Agreement though January 22, 2010 for further understanding.

Some background: In the year 2000, officials of the Oakland Police Department became aware of the alleged misconduct of several police officers who called themselves the Riders. The alleged misconduct included unlawful force, planting of evidence, and fabrication of police reports. A lawsuit ensued, and in 2003, the City of Oakland entered into a court-approved settlement that requires significant reforms to the department.

Assignment Guidelines

  • In 5–6 paragraphs, address the following:
    1. What were the key allegations in the case? Explain.
    2. What has been agreed to in the negotiated settlement agreement?
      • Identify at least 2 significant reforms addressed in the agreement.
    3. What changes have resulted so far in the Oakland Police Department as a result of this agreement?
      • Discuss at least 3 significant accomplishments.
    4. Why do you think some court cases result in “out of court settlements,” and what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this?
  • Post a new topic to the Discussion Board that contains your responses to the above questions.
  • Comment on at least 2 other students’ posts.

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