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Response to professor’s post.

(Min 150 words with own words reference)

1. This week in our course text (Robbins & Judge, Organizational Behavior, Ch. 9), we learned several techniques that can enhance group communication in a business organization. One technique in particular can improve a group’s cohesiveness.   

It is suggested that cohesiveness is significant because it affects a group’s productivity. When cohesion is strong, a group will remain stable, but when it is weak, the group may fall apart. Understanding this occurrence can be key to pulling together a team, a workplace, or a group of people with similar interests.  

So with this in mind, can you explain what might be the practical benefits and disadvantages of cohesive groups in a business environment?

2. (Min 150 words with own words and reference)

Can you provide an example, from your experience, where the lack of communication or poor communication made a situation worse, and provide suggestions management could have used to improve the situation?

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