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Provide complete responses to the questions, and compose your response in multiple paragraphs. Responses are worth up to 10 points, and usual criteria for determining a written response’s score—addresses the prompt completely, uses support and details to strengthen the response, exhibits appropriate grammar, tone, diction, and spelling—will be applied to assess your response.

No Outside resources needed

Instructor’s Note: The first question is designed as a topic for an “introductory paragraph, and there is no need for an official sounding thesis for this reflective essay. The last question is designed as the topic of a concluding paragraph. Also, your response can be more casual in diction and tone than a formal academic essay, although I do ask you to be mindful of punctuation.

  1. (You need to read the article for this first question ) Jean Twenge has researched generational differences between the current generation—post-Millennials—and the preceding three generations: Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers for more than two decades. She is undoubtedly an expert in the field of generation studies as well as a recognized professor of psychology. And yet, as it has been pointed out in all my sections, her argument may not be effective with today’s college students, those who straddle the Millennial-iGen generations. So, I would like to ask you to start your reflective essay response by explaining at least one component/aspect of Twenge’s argument she would have to change in order to make her argument more successful with college students.
  1. Most members of class have worked with examining arguments in previous English or RWS courses; however, with each class we take, we learn more about how authors construct arguments. What new knowledge have you gained about reading, analyzing, and writing about arguments as you have completed Writing Project 1? You may want to address new knowledge gained about an author, strategies used to construct arguments, target audience, purposes for creating arguments, and/or the importance of establishing context for arguments.
  1. What ideas and/or knowledge have you taken from completing the readings for Writing Project 1 and participating in the different activities (peer assessment, instructors’ commentary to the class, in-class workshops) with other students’ essays that you will definitely include in your future writing assignments?
  1. For writing project 2, we will be exploring several arguments about the notion of “credibility.At this point in your life, how do you understand the word “credibility.Please provide a definition and examples for this contested term.(Of course, you can use technology to acquire sources to insert into your response; just make sure to identify them.)
  1. Finally, when you see or hear or read arguments as a college student at SDSU, do you find yourself starting to think about rhetorical ideas like claims, support, purpose, audience, rhetorical strategies, etc.? If so, provide a few details about such an experience that made you think about how arguments are constructed, for whom, and why.And if not, please think about how such knowledge might be helpful during your college education (especially if you miss turning in an assignment, are faced with increased tuition, or have to decide between multiple majors.)

Responses are valued at up to 10 points, and points will be awarded for completeness, organization of ideas, relevance of responses, and attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics. MLA format is expected. Please compose your response as an “essay” instead of separate, numbered responses.

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