Categorical Imperative

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You must read the attached pdf before answering the questions. Listening to the presentation would help too.The answer to each question should be 220 words minimum.

Question # 1 Gold vs Categories

A key aspect to understanding Kant is to distinguish his categorical imperative from the “Golden Rule.” In some ways the principles are similar: they are both meant to get at an aspect of impartiality in ethics, specifically the idea that the same rules should apply to you as to others. However, Kant believes that the Golden Rule suffers from a key flaw. So, what is that flaw, and how is the Categorical Imperative different from the Golden Rule in order to address that flaw.

Question #2 Treat others as an Ends

The second formulation of the Categorical Imperative states that we should treat others “always as an ends and never ONLY as a means.” So, break that down: what does it mean to treat someone as a ‘means’, what does it mean to treat someone as an ‘ends’, and why might it be ok to treat someone as a means IF you are also treating them as an ends?

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