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This is a biblical course


1. Brooks uses repetition and a rhyming scheme as free form.
2. We can infer from the biography written on pages 25-27 that they are most likely African American people in the city who regularly hang out at the pool hall. They drink and enjoy jazz. The last line quickly turns to dying so I assume they are living wild and fast.
3. I would assume striking straight would be about pool and hitting the balls. I also think it has something to do with cleverly attacking or performing criminal acts.
4. I think “we sing sin”, means they enjoy secular music and the lifestyle represented in it.
5. “We Jazz June”, could mean they celebrate or indulge in summertime activities or leisure.
6. The word “Me” Is very inclusive and it could be referencing everyone or just including the writer in a specific group. It suggests a sense of pride being apart of the “We”.
7. I believe Brooks uses a caesura to stop the reader from getting lost and catch their attention. It’s dramatic and gives the reader time to connect emotionally. It conveys passion.
8. I think Brooks wanted to pertain to the common people. Specifically the poor African- American community.
9. I think Brooks disagrees. The sense of pride I mentioned in question 6 belongs to the characters in the poem. I think Brooks was pointing to the disillusion the men had of this lifestyle. The last line points out dying soon, which could perhaps be the consequence of such a lifestyle.
10. In Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem “We Real Cool,” she uses open form and caesuras to show the false sense of importance people can have and its effects.
11. I think the poem is aimed at the younger generation. Brooks mentions leaving school. It could be a lesson to live life responsibly because the consequence of dying soon is mentioned

  1. STUDENT 2:

    An example of this being open form, is that the couplets rhyme in the middle and only has one syllable per word.

  2. We can infer that the fictional characters are young who left school early and are probably playing hooky at the pool hall.
  3. I would say we strike straight means the pool players have a straight shot and are good at pool.
  4. This could mean that they praise sin and encourage it
  5. This could mean that the players are never in school, and like it is always June (summer break) for them.
  6. By the use of “we” in the poem this could mean the characters worldview is very similar. The characters are all probably very close and have a well knit group identity.
  7. The last line “Die soon” does not have a break.
  8. This could be how the pool players talk normally
  9. I would say she probably disagrees with their worldview. She talks about them skipping school, lurking late, drinking gin, and dying soon.
  10. In Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem “We Real Cool,” she uses open form and caesura to show that not going to school and living a life like the pool players is not the way to live.
  11. I think this poem’s intended audience is towards young people. it shows them what can happen when you don’t go to school and make bad decisions.

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