Chapter 11

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you ever gotten a fund-raising appeal from a charity that included a
little gift, such as address labels with your name? If so, did the gift
make you mover inclined to donate money to the charity? If so, you were
subject to the reciprocity norm; because the charity did something for
you, you felt more obligated to do something for the charity. The same
norm applies when stores offer free samples of a product they are
selling. It can feel rude not to reciprocate by buying the product, even
though these are strangers trying to sell us something, and not friends
doing us a favor. What about in everyday life? can you think of times
when the reciprocity norm influenced how likely you were to help a
friend? Have you found that doing a favor for a friend makes it more
likely that your friend will do a favor for you? Give this a try and see
if it works.”

Discuss with your course mates.

I have attached the powerpoint for this chapter.  She wants 1 additional source cited as well.

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