526 Discussion Question

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Response to each question should be a minimum of 300 words in APA format, excluding the question, if you elect to include it. Include references
1. “Foundations of Negotiations and Language of Negotiation” Please respond to the following:
• From the e-Activity, determine how the issues that were negotiated related to the parties’ interests. Based on the e-Activity, also analyze the preparation that took place prior to the negotiation. Determine whether or not the preparation was meaningful. Formulate ethical guidelines that would help ensure the success of the negotiation.
• From the scenario, identify the parties involved in this negotiation, their potential interests, and the issues that would be presented in the negotiation. Propose one possible alternative to a negotiated settlement.
• Week 1 eActivity: Use the Internet to locate information about a significant negotiation that has occurred within the past three years. Be prepared to discuss.
2. “Distributive Negotiations and Integrative Negotiations” Please respond to the following:
• From the first e-Activity, examine the characteristics of the distributive bargaining used in this specific negotiation. Compare and contrast the use of various power tactics in the negotiation. Select the power tactic that you deem to be the most successful and provide a rationale
• From the second e-Activity, examine the differences between distributive and integrative negotiation. Determine the importance of separating the people from the problem when negotiating. Support your position with examples.
• Week 2 eActivities: Use the Internet to locate information regarding a well-known distributive negotiation that has occurred within the past five years. Identify the primary negotiators for each side. Use the Internet to research each individual and identify his/ her background and approach to the negotiations. Be prepared to discuss. o Use the Internet to locate information regarding a well-known negotiation that you would consider to be integrative in nature. Be prepared to discuss.
3. “Conflict and Dispute Resolution, and Mediation” Please respond to the following:
• Consider a past conflict that you witnessed in the workplace or within an organization that was the result of real differences between the parties involved. Evaluate the manner in which the conflict was resolved and propose one other strategy that could have effectively resolved the differences. If you have not witnessed a conflict like this, create your own scenario.
• Another common conflict that occurs in the workplace happens with employee evaluations when employees think they have not been evaluated fairly. Determine what, if any, benefits there are to going through this conflict. Recommend a strategy, including advance preparation, to effectively manage conflict and enhance operations.

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