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1.  After reading Dye (Chapter 13) and reflecting
upon the chapter.  President Obama has
been in office since 2009.  Since 2009,
he has pushed Americans to have a greater understanding about the impacts that
the cost of energy make on the economy. 
This push has moved the United States into a more energy indepdent
economy, rather than a energy dependent economy.  At the same time, the President has begun to
develop policies that control the amount of fossil fuels that are emitting CO2
into the atmosphere.  These policies have
been targeted to try and curtail the changes to our climate.

After understanding the
President’s policies on energy, please tell us about the “three
goals” of the Presidents “Cap and Trade” energy policy.  After you have listed these three goals,
please tell us whether a “Cap and Trade” policy is likely to have a
negative, or positive impact on the economy. 
Make sure you think about the value added from an environmental
standpoint, think about long term v. short term gains and finally support all
of your answers with facts.

2.  After reading Dye (Chapter 15), please answer
the following….The Defense Budget of the United States makes up a fairly
large percentage of the federal governments discretionary spending.  In 2014, the President and the Secretary of
Defense have announced cuts to the Defense budget.  After understanding Chapter 15, do you
believe that the United States should cut the Defense Budget?  If so, why. 
If not, why not?  Be original and
detailed with your answer.

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