ldrs1001 week 5

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Assignment 1: Social Responsibility and Positive Social Change Leadership

Not all change is good change, and sometimes even the most well-intentioned efforts fall short. As a leader, it is critically important to consider every angle when planning to implement positive social change initiatives. Without a framework in place for ensuring that initiative will benefit its intended recipients (or, in some cases, society at large), there are risks that the effort may cause more harm than good. That is where the principle of social responsibility comes into play. In this Assignment, you will apply the concept of social responsibility to your own leadership of positive social change.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the Learning Resources on social responsibility and positive social change leadership. Think about efforts you may have participated in (or could participate in) that had a mission of social responsibility, such as an adopt-a-road project to clean litter from a highway or a fundraiser for a worthy cause. You may also have ideas for efforts you have led or could lead. If you were to take on such a project, what obstacles might you need to overcome in that process? How would you anticipate risks to address them before they became challenges?

Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist as you compose your Assignment.

By Day 7

Submit a 250- to 500-word essay illustrating how you can lead positive social change through social responsibility. You could write about something you have already accomplished in your life or brainstorm a new idea for some type of project or set of actions that will promote positive social change in your local community, your job, or throughout the world. Remember, no idea is too big or too small! In your essay, be sure to address the following:

What does it mean to be a socially responsible leader?

What is your idea for one way that you could lead (or have led) positive social change through the idea that “awareness plus experience equals transformation” (TEDxTalks, 2015)?

As a socially responsible leader, what are the risks or possible challenges you need to consider when engaging in this type of change effort, and how will you (or did you) overcome those challenges or risks to ensure that the outcomes of your efforts are successful?

Be sure to include at least two specific references to sources (forms of evidence) to support your essay. As a reminder, this could include one or more of this week’s Learning Resources and/or an additional source of your choosing. Be sure to paraphrase, where possible, to demonstrate your understanding of the topic, and cite the original sources of the information you reference in your essay.

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