Review on scientific Article

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Please use the Lynn Library database to find this article (instructions).

Please respond to the questions below on the Response Sheet. Do not copy and paste the questions. Your responses must be written in scientific style, in your own words (no direct quotes).


  1. Authors’ names
  2. Publication Year
  3. Article Name
  4. Journal Name
  5. Summary – Give a brief description of the article. In a few sentences, describe what was studied, how it was studied, and what the results of the study were. Think of this as an abstract in YOUR own words, not the authors’.
  6. Research Question/Problem – What is the focus of the article? Explain one hypothesis being tested (there may be more than one).
  7. Theoretical Base – Is the review of literature related to the question/problem? Is it thorough? How many references are cited?
  8. Methodology
    • 8.1. General. Does the researcher do a good job of explaining the methods? Could you replicate
    • 8.2. Sampling. Who is the population being studied? Describe the sample used (demographics). How representative is the sample of the population?
    • 8.3. Operationalization. Describe the materials used by the author(s). Do they appear to be a good representation of the construct of interest?
    • 8.4. Study/Design. What was the research design (e.g., survey, observational, experimental)?
  9. Results – List the statistical analyses that were conducted (even if you don’t know what they are!) – t-test, ANOVA, correlation, etc.
  10. Discussion – What did the study tell us (in words, not numbers)? Was the hypothesis supported? Are there practical implications, recommendations for future research, or limitations discussed?
  11. Personal Reaction – What did you learn from reading this study? What further questions did it generate?

Please usr simple grammar as my first language is not English

Attached is the article as well as the grading rubric

No plagia

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