COM3320 Hairy Story” or “Psychology of a T-shirt”.

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A Hairy Story”

  • Your assignment is to tell a compelling story about YOUR hair or that of a relative.
  • Title (clever…fun)
  • An introductory paragraph to set up the time frame, setting and context of your story. Include historical and/or cultural references* wherever relevant (ie: dreadlocks; beehive; mullet etc). (*footnote source)
  • At least one first-person quote” (from a friend or family member) included enhancing the dramatic impact of your story
  • Paragraph about GENDER connection implication, association, response masculinity/femininity et al.
  • Final paragraph summary of the highs/lows, consequences or familial reaction to this story and/or general topic. Make your story compelling, truthful (for the most part) and entertaining. While a bad hair day OR hair cut can be tragic – – there is something to be said for just wait – – itll grow back!
  • Include an image – – either the copy of a photograph of the real hair do/dont or a similar image from the internet.
  • Absolute minimum length = 400+ words / in paragraphs.

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