Explore Art and Social Realism

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Content curation is the gathering, organizing and online presentation of content related to a particular theme or topic. In these exercises, the class will be curating a collection of related materials by selecting content to share. The collection will be built around ideas drawn from the curriculum.

Placing works of art in historical, social, personal, political, or scientific contexts means having a grasp of what mattered to people in the time the work was created. It is easy to look back into the past and recognize how our values have changed.

Your goal in this exercise is to locate a current example of a billboard, a photograph, or a poster that clearly conveys a social message. Visit this website to learn more about social realism (Links to an external site.). Review the concepts and be prepared to explain how your selected image connects social concerns with artistic presentation.

Here is an example:

I thought this poster made a strong connection between the use of an image that most viewers would recognize as being familiar but the context is enhanced by the written messages. The repetition of each sentence with the ending omitted becomes more powerful as you progress to the end until not only is a conclusion reached but a self-determination of change. This takes the viewer from being a passive participant to embracing the idea that every person makes a difference. You can too. (Source)

1. Post the image AND the URL so others can view them – try not to duplicate each other. Write a paragraph or two explaining the connection between art and the subject depicted. (20 points)
3. Your post should be a minimum of 250+ words and you should cite resources used. (5 points)

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