Brief Overview of Planned Presentations

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Submit a brief overview of the presentations you plan to give. USING THIS Presentation Preview Form

Specify the context and the kind of presentation you plan on giving for each interactional goal. Each presentation should be one you are likely to give in a future professional context.

For example, if you work or plan to work for a public agency, your presentations might be:

  • An overview of what your agency does to a community organization, such as the Rotary Club (articulating a perspective).
  • Introducing yourself as the new manager to your employees (asserting individuality).
  • A discussion with your employees about how to solve a particular problem (discovering knowledge and belief).
  • A sales presentation to a potential customer (securing adherence).
  • Talking with the Board of Directors about how they can be of help to the agency (building community).

Or, if you plan to work as an advocate for environmental reform, your presentations might be:

  • Encouraging university students to join an environmental organization (securing adherence).
  • Pep talk to new employees during a training session (building community).
  • Testifying before Congress on an environmental issue (articulating a perspective or securing adherence).
  • Introducing yourself to staff members as the new director of an environmental organization (asserting individuality).
  • Working with a neighborhood group on ways to improve their relationship with area industries (discovering knowledge and belief).

there is already templet form or you can use word doc but I need the same steps as the temp

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